About me

I am a successful change manager with a track record of improving organisation performance, employee engagement, individual contribution and value for money.  I have worked for the last 12 years as an independent consultant.


I have extensive experience as an executive and team coach.  My objective is to facilitate the liberating of potential by exploring with coachees their strengths and weaknesses and helping them to overcome barriers.  My approach is Solution Focussed and emphasises the setting and achievement of goals rather than dwelling on problems.


I design and deliver leadership development, teambuilding and personal skills programmes.


Organisation design and development

I have delivered projects across all areas of organisation development from structure to job design and reward and from HR strategy and policy to learning and development and equality and diversity.   

I am a Fellow of the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development, a qualified accredited coach and a Member of the Association for Coaching.  I am a Registered Test User with the British Psychological Society and experienced in the use of ability tests and a range of personality instruments. 

I have: 

  • Introduced competency frameworks and performance management systems;
  • Initiated talent management and leadership development programmes with a strong emphasis on self-management and action centred learning;
  • Developed and implemented reward strategies and reward systems;
  • Improved equality and diversity and worked to eliminate bullying and harassment;
  • Improved employee relations to ensure the effective management of change and maintain real involvement;
  • Worked with organisations on vision and values to create shared meaning and increased employee engagement.

A trusted advisor

I build trusting relationships through listening, empathy and integrity.  I am an effective problem solver who facilitates the liberating of potential by helping organisations and people focus on solutions and make great use of the resources that they already have.  I’m planful, organised and committed to delivering quality and value for money outcomes for my clients.

Leadership, teambuilding and skills

I design and deliver leadership development, teambuilding and personal skills programmes, including assertiveness, communication and managing performance.

My core values


Trust - a commitment to doing what I say with integrity and to speaking truthfully, but with respect, sensitivity and concern for the other; 

Confidence - in my abilities and realistic about my strengths;

Results oriented - focussed on working quickly to identify practical outcomes which will move you forward;

Learning - recognising the importance of making time to reflect, build new models, experiment and learn from successes and failures. Ensuring the transfer of learning to your organisation;

Change oriented - a commitment to continuous improvement and enabling individuals and organisations to be the best that they can be; 

Aware - always alert to what is going on and how we are responding to it; able to keep all this in mind as part of a process of exploration which takes place without imposing judgements or jumping to conclusions and recognises the uniqueness of your situation; and

Inclusive - committed to promoting fairness and acceptance and workplaces in which no one feels that they must conceal aspects of their identity for fear of being stigmatised.