Questions ...

  • How do I help people thrive in my organisation?

  • How do I make sure that change delivers the benefits that I expect?

  • How do I get great leadership?

  • What should I do to improve my own practice as a leader?

  • What would make us the best team that we could be?

  • Where do I go next with my career?

And answers...

These are critical questions.  The answers will impact on the success of your organisation and the commitment, satisfaction and wellbeing of the people who work with you.  They are even more important as we get to grips with the longer term implications of Covid-19 for the way that we do our jobs.


There isn’t an answer to the question of what great leadership is other than the one that organisations and individuals work out for themselves.  But there are things that matter:

  • Self-awareness
  • Being able to build strong relationships
  • Being able to build a great team
  • Being able to think strategically

Team building

Much of the work of organisations relies on the efforts of people working together in small groups whether as work groups, committees, task forces or project teams.  Teams work more effectively when they have a clear vision, trust is high, relationships are good and team members are willing to look beyond themselves.

Career coaching

The career landscape is changing fast.  People demand more from their employers, place more emphasis on working with organisations whose values they share and are likely to change jobs with ever increasing frequency.

When did you last take stock of where you are in your career?  Is your job meeting your values?  Is it filling your batteries?  Is it making good use of your gifts and talents?


Coaching provides an individually tailored approach to executive and leadership development.  It’s about working with someone in a collaborative solution focussed way to identify what they want to change or achieve; recognise what will help or hinder them in doing this; and support them in identifying options, agreeing first steps, monitoring progress and being there as a coach to provide support and challenge.

Organisation development

Organisation development is about enabling people to thrive within their organisation so that it is better able to achieve its purpose and goals.  Are people inspired by and aligned with your purpose, vision and values?  How would you describe the culture of your organisation?  Does it support your purpose, vision and values?  Are people clear about what is expected of them when it comes to what they need to do and how to get it done?

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