A key challenge for any organisation is making sure that there is a clear HR strategy to support the corporate strategy and the delivery of business objectives and outcomes.  This begins with clarity of mission, vision and values and works through into ensuring that every HR policy, procedure and practice is aligned to the goals of the organisation.  When did you last look at your HR function with that idea in mind?  How do you think it would measure up if the question was asked?  Please take a look a some of the other questions that you will find below.  I can help you with answers to all of them.

The Right Roles

This is about the shape of the organisation and how jobs are designed to deliver organisational performance.

Form follows function and structure begins with a clear understanding of what must be achieved. 

What is the organisation's mission and vision? How should functions and decision making be organised to ensure success? 

What are the core competencies that are needed to survive?  What are the core competencies that are needed to win?

How should what needs to be done be divided up into roles that will deliver the right results and provide job satisfaction

The Right People

How does your organisation make sure that it has the right people in the right places?

What is the existing workforce profile and what will the workforce profile need to become in the future?

What are the numbers of people and the skills and competencies that you will need?

Have you got the right  competency framework in place?

How effective is your approach to assessment and development?  Does your recruitment get the best people?  Do you have a clear picture of the strengths and development needs of existing employees?

The Right Policies

Does your induction get people on board with the mission, vision and values of your organisation and is your psychological contract as robust as the legal contract between you and the new starter?

How do you go about getting, developing and retaining the talent that you need now and in the future?

How effective is your approach to performance management and does it make a real difference to the delivery of your mission, vision and values?

How do you use reward to deliver corporate outcomes?

How do you develop employee engagement and well being to encourage continuous improvement and discretionary effort?

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