Organisations continue to face the need to change.  Successful change is not just about new systems and processes, but about people who are prepared to commit to making change happen.    That demands good performance management, which helps people to understand the future and their contribution to it, and leadership which sets out a vison for the future and inspires people to achieve it.  Coaching and a coaching culture play a key role in liberating the potential of individuals and teams  to deliver in an ever more complex and challenging world.

Performance Management

Performance management is about having a clear understanding of what is expected and what makes for successful performance.  I work with organisations to support them in defining a compelling vision for the future and the competencies which will enable its achievement.

Good performance management processes provide the means for an honest review of what has been tried and achieved, identifying development needs and future potential and setting SMART forward looking goals. 

But performance management is more than a once or twice a year process.  It demands openness, positive feedback and constructive criticism in a culture in which these things are the norm and people seek them out.  This can be a challenge.  I work with managers and team members to help them develop the mindset and the toolkit to overcome that challenge.  When that happens performance management becomes more than an empty ritual and a real driver for success.

Leadership and Team Development

Common sense tells us that leadership and team working are critical to organisational success. 

I work with managers to develop self-awareness and self-management.  The first is about knowing your own work styles, preferences, strengths and weaknesses; being

aware of the perspectives, feelings and preferences of others, and being willing to be open about what you experience going on in yourself and in the team; and to engage effectively with others.

Self management is about understanding what can derail successful management performance and how to remain at your best in the face of pressure and stress.

Applying this same thinking to teams I work with team members to increase awareness, openness and insight into when and how people make their best contributions to the team.  From this starting point the  team members can stretch and challenge themselves to be the best team that they can be.


Coaching is about helping the coachee to apply the resources which he or she has at his or her disposal rather than providing solutions or giving instruction.  I facilitate the liberating of potential by exploring with coachees their strengths and weaknesses and by helping them to overcome barriers that often reflect a lack of self-confidence or a lack of self-belief.

I use the GROW model to agree objectives and actions.  My coaching is informed by a Solution Focussed approach, which emphasises the setting and achievement of goals rather than the analysis of problems.


My practice focusses on executive coaching and team coaching.  Where appropriate I use psychometrics and diagnostic tools such, for example, as 360 degree feedback to increase awareness. 

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