Organisations face a constant challenge to do more for less in order to survive or to maintain their competitive advantage.  That may lead to redundancy or outsourcing.  Both can be complex and difficult areas.  If you are downsizing, then redundancy requires careful handling to avoid costly and time consuming claims.  TUPE remains a challenge to anyone considering outsourcing: the case law is complex and in the public sector pensions are a further complicating factor.  Then there is the impact of redundancy on employees, which can be especially difficult for those who may not have had to compete in the job market for many years.


I can advise you on the legal background to redundancy and on redundancy policies and procedures. 

I can help you when it comes to:

  • Planning for redundancies;
  • Consulting with employee representative and responding to consultation;
  • Selecting employees for redundancy;
  • Dealing with individual consultation, appeals and dismissals.


I have extensive experience of supporting organisations going through TUPE transfers.

I can hep you to:

  • Decide whether TUPE applies and what the implications are if it does;
  • Determine what information you must provide to employees and their representatives and what you must consult with them about;
  • Respond to the outcomes from consultation;
  • Deal with the pension implications of a public sector outsourcing exercise;
  • Manage the transfer smoothly to get things off on the right foot.

Managing endings

The impact on an employee of losing his or her job can be devastating.  Your organisation, moreover, may be judged, and its reputation enhanced or lessened in the eyes of those who remain with it, by the way it deals with those who leave (survivor syndrome).

I provide coaching for employees to help them to deal with what has ended, evaluate their strengths and weaknesses and get ready to enter the job market.

An important aspect of any redundancy programme is the support to be offered to employees leaving the organisation especially when it comes to the practicalities of job applications, CV's and interviewing skills.

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