About GAL Consulting Ltd

Founded in 2008, GAL Consulting works as a trusted advisor to clients seeking to transform their organisations through:

  • The design development and implementation of effective human resource strategies, policies and procedures;
  • Growing employee engagement and improving performance management; and
  • Liberating individual and team potential.

Whatever the human resource challenges you are facing I am there to work through them with you.

I pride myself on delivering high quality solutions that meet your unique needs as a client.

Our  core values

My core values are:

  • Trust - a commitment to doing what I say with integrity and to speaking truthfully, but with respect, sensitivity and concern for the other;
  • Confidence - in my abilities and realistic about my strengths;
  • Results oriented - focussed on working quickly to identify practical outcomes which will move you forward;
  • Learning - recognising the importance of making time to reflect, build new models, experiment and learn from successes and failures.  Ensuring the transfer of learning to your organisation;
  • Change oriented - a commitment to continuous improvement and enabling individuals and organisations to be the best that they can be; and
  • Aware - always alert to what is going on and how we are responding to it; able to keep all this in mind as part of a process of exploration which takes place without imposing judgements or jumping to conclusions and recognises the uniqueness of your situation.

What we do

  • Coaching
  • Employee relations
  • Equality and diversity
  • HR strategy and policy
  • Leadership development
  • Performance management
  • Recruitment
  • Reward


  • Programme managed reorganisations and TUPE transfers;
  • Transformed HR into a strategic business partner;
  • Created shared meaning and increased employee engagement;
  • Designed reward strategies and reward systems;
  • Implemented competency frameworks and performance management;
  • Improved equality and diversity and worked to eliminate bullying and harassment;
  • Introduced talent management, leadership development;
  • Delivered coaching programmes for managers and directors;
  • Recruited up to Chief Executive and transformed recruitment processes; and
  • Improved trade union and employee relations.

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